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    30-Day Holistic Approach to a Flatter Belly

    Bring your motivated mindset, and we’ll be your virtual coach providing meal plans, workouts, encouragement, and more! 

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    Flat Belly Challenge

    No Matter How Much You Diet Or Train Do You Struggle With...

    Are you sick and tired of feeling your ever-expanding waistline, back pain, and sluggish digestion?

    Do you wish you had an efficient solution to flatten your abs that you can actually maintain?

    Have you done hundreds of crunches and gone on diet after diet without successfully flattening your abs?

    Extra Belly Chub?

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge

    You know a stronger core would help your back feel better…

    But it's hard to access the 6-pack you know you have hiding behind the fat because your core muscles are pretty shut down from too many poor food choices and desk work.  

    And besides, who has the time or energy to train for long hours and prep complicated meals everyday? 

    Even if you do manage to find the time (and willpower), you'll likely end up breaking your body down, getting burnt-out, or injured. 

    Worse, you can screw up your metabolism!

    I certainly did. After thousands of crunches, juice fasts coupled with low-calorie low-fat diets, I’d often lose weight, but still had a disproportionately chubby belly. Why? Because I was working from the outside in. All my training routines and diets were actually slowing my metabolism down. 

    Because a bloated belly is not only displeasing...

    It has many side effects such as back pain, hip pain, poor digestion, and a strain on your organs and heart…

    Then, the worst side effect happened to me from having weak, shut down, and overweight abs: my back went out...

    This is when the real journey began...

    I had to stop blaming myself for not getting the results I was working so hard for, and start looking at why it was NOT WORKING!

    As I shifted my focus from changing my body to healing my body, I learned that all my efforts to lose weight and get a strong core were actually working against me. 

    The scary part is, the tactics I learned from nutritionists and trainers were completely screwing me up!

    Which is why I'm on a mission to help others, just like you, who are ready to look, feel, and be their best! 

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge

    Flat Belly Challenge

    How I discovered this wellness-based system to flatter abs...

    It's about looking your best without destroying your health. 

    I remember looking down at my stomach. The seatbelt pressed firmly against my beltline, and my muffin top spilled over it. I never noticed having a muffin top until that day, but no matter how I adjusted my position, or how much I pulled my belly in, the flab would not flatten out. It was embarrassing. 

    I desperately wanted flat abs and felt envious of girls who could sport crop tops and belly button rings (it was the early 90s)!

    I desperately wanted to feel confident about myself, and about my body... but felt so insecure that I even had trouble getting close to my then boyfriend for fear of what he thought about my body. 

    I would do hundreds of crunches, go on juice fasts, and follow low-calorie diets...

    I’d lose weight but the muffin top stayed. 

    Little did I know, I was literally setting myself up to fail. All my low-cal, fat-free foods and low-fat dairy products were getting me addicted to carbs, fake foods, and dairy. 

    Then I went vegan. I felt amazing at first. My skin cleared up, and I felt more calm and happy. But eventually, I started craving sugar so much that I started binging on carob-covered almonds and vegan chocolates regularly. 

    And as I’m sure you know, binging on sugar doesn’t exactly fair well on the belly, even if it is organic and dairy free.

    As my weight went up, my belly was the first thing to get bigger and bigger. I was told by exercise scientists that I couldn’t spot train (which you can’t really) but the thing is… 

    My abdominal muscles were shut down because my organs were strained. 

    I was also gaining weight in my belly because I had so much anxiety. 

    To top it off, I was overtraining, which just kept my body from releasing weight. 

    You see, when you’re under stress, your body loves to hold onto fat on your torso to protect your organs. 
    And then the worst side effect happened to me from having weak, shut down, and overweight abs: 

    My back went out, and that is when my real journey toward getting flat abs began. 

    For the next few years, I worked hard. I was so disconnected from my abdominal strength, that my teacher, Kathy Grant, had to make up an exercise that I could do. She even named it after me! 

    I learned through this healing journey that there was so much I was doing wrong. 

    For starters, I needed to change my diet, which was screwing up my blood sugar levels AND inflaming my system. This required getting over my carb and sugar addiction. 

    In order to do that, I needed to figure out how to stress less. 

    And In order to do that, I needed to understand how to breathe. 

    And in order to do that, I needed to learn how to release certain muscles while activating others.

    My Story

    What took me years to figure out (and master) now only takes me months (sometimes just days) to help clients master the keys to flattening their belly!

    Hi! I'm Tysan Lerner

    I'm a personal trainer, health coach, ballet teacher, mom of 3 (ages 4 through 18) and co-founder of this program.

    Many people don’t realize that I was once 40 pounds overweight!

    It's true. I struggled with overeating, depression, and severe insecurities that made it very challenging to maintain a comfortable body weight. After years of searching for a solution to my weight problem, I finally stumbled upon some answers that helped me lose all 40 pounds naturally, meaning without pills, shakes, dieting, overexercising, or surgery.

    In this program, I'll be showing you exactly how I finally got a strong, toned core even before I reached my goal weight!

    With over 20 years in this industry, researching and working hand in hand to help clients get great results, I can confidently tell you, this approach works!

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge

    Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Finally Get The Body You Love?

    You’ll be able to wake up each morning feeling energized and light. 

    You’ll feel excited about getting dressed because you’ll actually LOVE how you look.

    You’ll be able to go clothes shopping without feeling like you need to run a marathon before you step foot in another dressing room! 

    You’ll love to move and train, because being in your body actually FEELS GOOD!

    Getting a flatter belly with this system means having a stronger, more relaxed, more energized,and toxic-free body that you LOVE.


    Introducing the...

    A holistic way to a flat belly.

    The 30-DAY Flat Belly Challenge offers a month-long training and clean eating system designed for busy people who want to look fit and feel radiantly healthy. 

    By starting today, you honor your body and give it the gift of good health...

    Every day you wait is another day your body gets more toxic and de-conditioned...

    The Burn Fat And Lose The Bloat Decoded for Busy People tools and coaching make it simple and easy to get your body hot NOW!

    And best of all... you'll start seeing results from the"30-DAY Flat Belly Challenge" in less than 30 days and it costs less than ONE 55-minute personal training session with us.

    So again, we know you're busy, but if you want to get lean and radiantly healthy, we made it so you can do this!

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge


    Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With the 30 Day

    Burn Fat & Strong Core Decoded

    Full-Body Workouts done 3 times a week [30 minutes x 3/week]

    One High-Intensity Interval Training Session done 1-3 times/week [12 minutes x 3/week]

    Daily Core and Mobility Routine [9 minutes x 7/week]

    ($300 Value)

    ($300 Value)

    All delivered via video (that you can stream right from your phone, tablet, or computer) and a printable PDF that includes tips and images for each exercise.

    The workouts are designed to get you toned and fit without burnout so you can feel strong, agile, powerful, and confident.

    You get:

    The Busy People's Survival Guide To Clean Eating For An Optimized Metabolism And Good Digestion 

    You get:

    ($200 Value)

    Two video lessons on the connection between what you eat and how you look so that you know exactly what steps to take to flatten your belly!

    Step-By-Step Clean Eating Guide that you can download and print.

    Recipe Ebook with 4 Whole Weeks of delicious meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

    Weekly Downloadable Grocery Shopping Lists

    Weekly Clean Eating For Busy People Meal Plan Made Easy

    All delivered via video and downloadable ebooks.

    This clean eating protocol is designed to let you reduce belly bloat and optimize your metabolism so that you stop feeling insecure and uncomfortable with your belly, and start feeling radiantly healthy!

    The Secrets Behind Self-Sabotage Revealed (& How To Prevent It)

    This 5-lesson video series will set you up for success by helping you remove the barriers that get in your way. You will have one whole week to prepare yourself for the challenge, and this training will walk you through that step-by-step so you can avoid overwhelm.

    You'll learn how to organize yourself and make more space in your life for movement, deep nourishment, and a healthy mindset.

    ($250 Value)

    And, on this page only, I'm throwing in these exclusive bonuses:

    Bonus #1:

    Breathe Your Way To A Flat Belly - No Joke!

    This Video training helps you to learn the NUMBER 1 secret behind having a strong, flat core... so you're able to improve your posture, flatten your belly, and get stable back and hips
    Apply what you learn so you can put an end to your back pain and have a great posture. 

    ($200 Value)

    Bonus #2:

    The Ultimate Fitness Planner

    This digital fitness planner provides an organized approach to keeping track of your fitness, diet, weekly meal planning, 30-day challenge, and progress. 
    Stop wondering why you aren't getting the results you want, and know exactly what you need to stay on track and succeed.

    ($20 Value)

    Bonus #3:

    Tension Release Decoded for Busy People (Beginner's Guide)

    This ebook makes it a snap to release tension from gripping, tight muscles. Releasing excess tension allows you to correct the postural imbalances that prevent you from getting a stronger, flatter belly.

    The right amount of flexibility allows you to move with agility and ease, have a beautiful posture, and feel great in your body.

    ($30 Value)

    Normally clients invest thousands of dollars to get this information from us! And after they experience it, they consistently ask us, "how are people living without this information?!!" 

    That's why we really wanted to create an affordable way to offer the keys behind feeling
    beyond good...feeling GREAT!

    So here you are, getting this opportunity to access $1000 worth of information from trainers who have a waiting list of clients for ONLY $167!

    I'm Ready for a Flat Belly!

    The Challenge starts soon, so act now before It's too late!

    Limited Time Offer!

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge

    But don't just take my word for how well this system works!

    Check out some of our testimonials below:

    "I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life… 'Strong core, tight butt, and toned arms' – That’s what I asked for and that’s what I’m getting."


    "After 7 weeks, I had already lost 12 pounds, 30% of my excess body fat, and 2 inches off my waist. And, best of all, I still got to eat bacon : ) As a man who has been too busy to exercise most of his life, I actually enjoy my workouts, and I love the results. "


    "I immediately saw results! My appetite and digestion improved, and I finally fit back into my skinny jeans! She takes me through 30 minutes of kick-ass training which not only makes me feel satisfyingly sweaty and sore, I feel more stable and in less pain!"


    Here's to your success with getting flat abs!

    – Tysan Lerner

    PS - If you're sick and tired of how most diets and workouts take a lot of time and will-power with unsustainable or crappy results, then The 30-DAY Flat Belly Challenge (A Holistic Way To A Flat Belly) is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!

    Join the 30-Day Flat Belly Challenge

    30-Min Full-Body Workouts; 12-Min HIIT Workout, & Daily Core & Mobility Training Delivered Via Video & PDFs.PLUS Lessons On Cardio & Stress Management ($300 Value)

    ​Weekly Meal Plans, Including Grocery Lists, Recipe Books, & Video Lessons On The Secrets To A Flat Belly ($200 Value)

    Guided Preparation Week, Where You Get Guided Through Short Video Lessons & Action Steps To Set You Up For Success ($250 Value)

    BONUS #1: Strengthen Your Internal Core Muscles Explained -A Breathing Video You Can Apply To Any Workout ($200 Value)

    BONUS #2: The Ultimate Fitness Planner ($20 Value)

    BONUS #3: Get Flexible Decoded For Busy People ($200 Value)

    Total Value: $1170

    But today, you're getting all of this...

    Here’s A Recap Of

    EVERYTHING You'll Get

    When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!

    For Only For $167


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