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Drawing on our backgrounds, training, skills, and life experiences, we at Mind Body Pro, Inc. dba Tyzen Fit hope to inspire and support our customers, clients, and website visitors spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, we only share our opinions and information through or on our website, blog, e-mails, programs, services, and/or products, and we are not liable for your use of such opinions and information. Consequently, the following terms and conditions apply when using the Tyzen Fit Programs, as defined below.

The Tyzen Fit Programs collectively include, but are not limited to, the Tyzen Fit website and blog, e-mails from authorized Tyzen Fit personnel, and Tyzen Fit health and exercise education provided in video classes and information, such as menus, recipes, and nutritional education, and physical activities and strategies. The Tyzen Fit Programs only offer fitness and health information intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes. 

Not Medical Advice

Any information provided in the Tyzen Fit Programs does not constitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment nor should be used as a substitute of such professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Tyzen Fit Programs and its authorized representatives serve in the capacity of coaches, mentors, and guides for your own health and wellness goals. You must seek medical and/or health related advice from a physician to ensure your ability to participate in any Tyzen Fit Program. It is your responsibility to make a determination, before using or during participation in any of the Tyzen Fit Programs, whether you should discontinue such use and/or participation and take any other precautions, such as consult with a physician, to ensure your health and safety. After reading articles, watching videos, or reading other content from this website within the Tyzen Fit Programs’ materials, you are encouraged to review the information provided carefully with your professional healthcare provider in the context of your personal health and abilities.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, any decision to discontinue participation and/or take precautions does not entitle you to a refund for the purchase of any Tyzen Fit Programs. Once purchased, it shall be deemed that you have received the full value of such programs and products.

Accepting Risks 

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. By using or participating in any of the Tyzen Fit Programs, you assume any and all risks relating to your existing health conditions, including but not limited to any underlying medical conditions, family history of medical conditions, high blood pressure, pregnancy or breastfeeding, recent illness, injury, or impairment, and/or your use of prescribed medications, herbal supplements or recreational substances (the “Health Risks”), that may be aggravated from such participation. You are strongly discouraged from participating – and you should not participate – in any of the Tyzen Fit Programs if you have any of the Health Risks unless a medical professional has approved such participation. In addition, you must consult with your medical professional if you have any questions regarding any information in the Tyzen Fit Programs pertaining to recipes, menus, information on consumption of whole foods, etc., to make your own well-informed decisions based on what kinds of foods and diet are best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life. You are solely and fully responsible for making the determination about your physical and mental fitness and health, particularly with respect to the Health Risks, and your ability to safely participate in the Tyzen Fit Programs. 

No Liability 

In no event do the information and opinions provided in the Tyzen Fit Programs create any duty of care or liability on behalf of Tyzen Fit to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable or consequential damages for any use of or reliance on this website or blog, e-mails, programs, services, and/or products, including, without limitation, any lost profits, personal or business interruptions, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information or any other loss, malady, disease or difficulty, or otherwise, even if Tyzen Fit is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties.

Copyrighted Materials and License for Personal Use

Tyzen Fit owns all copyrights in the Tyzen Fit Programs, including, but not limited to, the materials on this website and in all its products and programs. Materials made available to the private group forums, by email or any other means, may not be distributed in any fashion, print or electronic, without the express written permission of Tyzen Fit. Any person, including a wellness professional, who has purchased any product through this website, including but not limited to a Tyzen Fit Program, may only use such program(s) for personal use; by purchasing any Tyzen Fit Program, you agree that you will not sell, share, or exchange any of this copyrighted material with any other persons, including but not limited to friends, students, other health and wellness professionals, customers, or clients. The copyrighted materials are purchased strictly for your personal use and benefit; therefore, no part of it can be used in any manner, including but not limited to, reselling of information within your business. If you would like to acquire a license to use any Tyzen Fit products or programs in your own business practice, please contact us for additional information.  

No Endorsements and Website Accuracy

References or links to any other business or entity’s information, opinions, advice, services, programs, or products on this website or blog or provided in the Tyzen Fit Programs, including, but not limited to, any Tyzen Fit e-mails, services, programs, or products, do not constitute our endorsement or recommendation but shall solely constitute an example or information. We make every effort to accurately represent these products and services and their potential for results; however, we are not responsible for the effectiveness of any products or the contents of any web pages, companies, or persons linked or referenced.

We make every effort to accurately represent the information provided in the Tyzen Fit Programs; however, the information may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Every effort has been made to present you with the most accurate, up-to-date information, but because of human error and the evolving science of fitness and health, Tyzen Fit and the Tyzen Fit Programs do not assure, and therefore cannot be held responsible for, the accuracy of our content.

Results of Use 

Tyzen Fit makes no guarantees concerning your results, accomplishments, and experiences with respect to the Tyzen Fit Programs, and you agree that results will differ for each individual. 

Your results with respect to your physical, mental, and nutritional health and fitness while using the Tyzen Fit Programs may vary, and will be based on many variables, including but not limited to, your individual capacity such as your Health Risks, life experience, unique health and genetic profile, expertise, level of commitment, use of other fitness and nutritional programs, . 

In addition, we present real-world testimonies from Tyzen Fit clients’ experiences for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos are of actual Tyzen Fit clients and the results they personally achieved. Each client has consented to Tyzen Fit’s use of these approved testimonials, examples, and photos for our materials to demonstrate their specific Tyzen Fit Program results, but they are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results

Digital Product Refund Policy

Our commitment is to offer you up-to-date wellness information so that you can be better informed about how to support your own health. Due to the nature of digital information, Mind Body Pro, Inc, dba Tyzen Fit, does not issue refunds for any purchases of the Tyzen Fit Programs at any time for any reason

. Once purchased, it shall be deemed that you have received the full value of such programs and products. By purchasing any digital products, you agree that you are not entitled to any refunds for such purchases.

Personal Training & Membership Cancellation & Refund Policy

By purchasing any personal training in individual or group classes, memberships, or subscriptions from Tyzen Fit or through the Tyzen Fit Programs, you hereby agree to the following cancellation and refund policy:

  1. Tyzen Fit will be unable to provide a refund for any personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance of the start of the scheduled session. 
  2. Clients arriving late may use the remaining scheduled session time, but will not receive a refund for the time missed. 
  3. All purchased personal training sessions must be used within 120 days of the date of purchase or such sessions are forfeited. 
  4. No refunds will be made for personal training sessions for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, and unused sessions, unless such request for refund is made within 3 days of purchase. In the event of a medical emergency, you may be eligible for an extension on the 120 day forfeit policy or, if such medical emergency has no anticipated recovery, a refund for unused sessions, minus a $50 processing and merchant fee. You must provide documentation from your physician to receive this refund.
  5. Personal training sessions, small group training packages, and memberships are not shareable and are not transferable.
  6. Pre-paid memberships cannot be frozen or canceled. 

You must give 30-days’ advance notice to cancel any Tyzen Fit service provided in the form of a subscription or membership.









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