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    By working toward Body Mastery you are investing in your most important possession: your body.

    You only get one, and it is miraculous. With the right system, technique, and discipline, you can build it to support your needs and feel amazing.

    Mastery is often misunderstood as a goal. It’s actually a journey. It requires a state of mind that must be strengthened through continued nurturing. When you work to perform movement with precision, you’re “mastering” your body one bit at a time. When striving for good health through good food and lifestyle choices, you’re “mastering” your body one bit at a time.

    While pain and gain are the common refrain in fitness, Body Mastery emphasizes the concept of nurturing yourself.

    While counting calories is a common approach to weight loss, Body Mastery emphasizes enjoying whole, nutrient dense foods and mindfulness as a means to a slender healthy body.

    This journey includes dancing along the line between intensity and rest. Intensity is crucial to body transformation, but so is rest and relaxation. So in reality…

    What brings you to your best body is harmony.

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    Total Body Mastery Personal Training

    Fitness That Feels Good

    Your personalized goals become the chief priority for all program design. 

    So if you are someone who wants to train for a competition, a sport, or a skill, then personal training maybe just for you. If you are someone who has some physical issues you are working through, making your body more sensitive to movement (ie, you are pregnant, or just had a baby, or dealing with chronic discomfort) then personal training is a great starting point.

    We can coach over video effectively because we’re movement experts who’ve been trained to see the finer details of movement.

    If you're looking for a rep counter, we're probably not a good fit. But if you want expert eyes to correct your form and to design a program that's personalized for your body and goals, then let's chat!

    We’ve been training clients coast to coast through video conferencing since 2013.

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