All physical movement we take or engage with stems from our core. Whenever our clients learn how to connect to their core muscles more deeply, it is a life-changing deal for them. Thus, there is tremendous power in having a strong core. You automatically feel more pulled together, stronger, and more confident–not just in how you […]

You’ve had a baby and love the joyful experience of having your new little person around. However, some time has passed, and you’re noticing your body is not returning. You have a poochy belly, you’re slouching from nursing, and everything feels… well, a bit “droopy.”  Don’t worry; this is an entirely normal part of the […]

The ancient Greeks took physique very seriously, as did all ancient societies. The biggest names in Greek philosophy often devoted lengthy passages to describing proper training and healthy eating. There’s something so beautiful about a person who takes excellent care of their body.  Not just because of how it looks and the love that goes […]

It’s all about aligning your habits with your vision.    My husband Zenon was talking to a friend during a training session recently. This friend has gotten chubby as he’s aged because he loves food; however, he’s also a performer and wants to lose weight to look better on stage.  He casually asked Zenon whether to […]

Do you feel the change? Summer has arrived. There’ve been a whole bunch of mini explosions happening and it’s finally the best time to move into your best self. Yup! We are talking about stretching yourself to your fullest potential. Light, warmth, interaction, and movement are at their peak during the summer. Things feel expansive, […]

Like many people, you may feel almost at war with yourself when it comes to sugar—you crave it.  Hence, you eat it, but then… You crash, get hungry quickly, and eat more to bring yourself back up again to higher levels of functioning.  Unfortunately, this rollercoaster ride severely impacts our ability to lose weight, feel […]

It’s easy to get caught up in an internal dialogue between wishing you could look like the latest Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated model, and simply wanting to understand and be your “natural” weight – the weight you would be if you were taking outstanding care of yourself.  We’ve been so inundated, over the course […]

A healthy flat belly doesn’t come from just exercising or dieting or following the latest trends – it is the result of a carefully-cultivated lifestyle that is optimized for your individual body and its needs. We are all different, and we all experience different physical outcomes from different ways of life, including our diets, movement […]

There are so many reasons it isn’t easy to get and maintain a flat belly. Things like lifestyle habits, genetics, and childbirth are all factors that influence how and where our body stores fat. So if you’ve tried before to get a flat belly and failed, it’s not your fault! Getting and maintaining a flat […]

Today, we have access to a near-infinite wealth of information all the time. It’s right at our fingertips, or at the click of a mouse. In this way, we have a luxury we’ve never had before. We can personalize, fine-tune, and automate so much of our lives to find what works for us and what […]









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